• Access to an amazing community of talanted folks.

  • Access to Root Access facilities and tools during our regular hours.

  • Discounts on classes and workshops.

  • Available for adults aged 18 and up.

Membership Levels


Monthly: $19

Aimed at folks who need limited access to the space or who simply attend free meetups and want to show their support. Casual members have access to the shared workspace and limited access to the crafting and electronics areas. The workshop and any other equipment that requires a ROOT class to operate are off limits.


Monthly: $29, Bi-Annual: $169, Annual: $319

This is the same as our regular membership, but with a reduced price. This membership level is aimed at students, teachers, veterans, folks with disabilities (including invisible disabilities), and immediate family of existing regular or discounted members. We use the honor system here, and assume that anyone on the discounted membership has a valid reason, so please don’t abuse this.


Monthly: $59, Bi-Annual: $339, Annual: $649

Regular members have access to the space any time we are open, and may use any of our tools (assuming any necessary safety training has been completed).


Monthly: $99, Bi-Annual: $549, Annual: $1,089

Superusers have all the tool access of regular members, with one additional perk: superusers are keyholders, have 24-hour access to the space, and are trained on how to open and close the space. Access to this membership level is invite only – members must be in good standing for at least 90 days and must earn the trust of Root Access leadership by taking an active roll in organizing and maintaining the space.

Becoming a Member

Membership is open to anyone age 18 and over, and the process for joining is simple:

  1. Create an account at and sign up for the desired membership level.

  2. Sign the requisite forms:

  3. That’s it!

Once you have signed up for a membership and completed the necessary forms, you are now a member of the hackerspace and you may use our facilities within the boundaries set by this handbook.

Welcome to the club!

Cancelling Your Membership

While it makes us sad to see folks leave, we totally get it. Cancelling membership can be done by signing into and navigating to the membership page under your account. We do not give refunds or credits for unused membership time – you remain a member, with full membership rights, until your current billing cycle ends, and we will not charge you again until or unless you renew your membership.

We do not have the ability to “pause” memberships. If you wish to pause your membership for any reason, we recommend that you cancel your membership and renew it when you’d like to resume.